What People Say

Our community is well established and some folks have been coming for 40+ years. Every year there are new faces and new returns, so come along and see why we love Vinegar Hill gay camp so much!

Comments from our community

Safe for kids
Another successful year at v hill. I wana thank everyone who helps put on this event we all enjoy. I wana thank everyone who helps make it safe for our children to enjoy as well.
– Monique

Beautiful mahi
A big thank you to everyone at v hill. Especially Ryan and his beautiful mahi in the camp kitchen. I didn’t take any photos but had such a blast at my second v hill! Thank you all you beautiful people!
– Hanna

Loving and embracing
A massive thank you to all for being so loving an embracing […] it was a pleasure to see that the same welcoming love I was shown when I first drove down that drive is still alive and well today
– Rhys

It’s a blast
Thankyou so much to everyone who helped me enjoy my first Vinegar Hill! Such a blast!
– Eddy

Diverse and accessible
It’s so peaceful and relaxing, to get out of cellphone reception and just be in nature. The community vibe is awesome. It’s so diverse, inclusive, and accessible.
– Ahi

Pride NZ Interviews
You can listen to interviews which have the tag “Vinegar Hill” here.

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