It’s not quite “roughing it”, but if you want a hot shower there’s something you should know…


Provided by The Manawatū District Council

The Council provides portaloos, all-genders toilet and lockable (cold) shower blocks at the southern (gay) and northern (family) ends of camp.

These are mobility accessible but the southern end block is up a rise on lawn. People using a cane or crutches usually manage fine, but some wheelchair users may have difficulty accessing these.

There are fresh drinking water taps outside the toilet blocks.

Rubbish and Recycling

Provided by The Manawatū District Council

Glass recycling and trash skips are provided, and can be found at the Northern end near the toilet block, or at the Southern end in the field semi-opposite the toilet block.


Provided by The Manawatū District Council

There are Police and security services stationed near the gate on Newyears Eve night, and no vehicle entry to the campground is allowed after 7pm on new years eve, so make sure you arrive before then.

Note: there are no hot showers or BBQs provided, and no cellphone reception.

Find out what our community provides DIY, or volunteer to help out

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