Vaccination certificates December 2021

a doctor holding a heart-shaped sign which reads 'vaccine'

The Queens Council today issued this statement regarding the Manawatu District Council and covid-19 vaccine certificates:

Council’s Executive Team met today to discuss the potential enforcement of vaccine passes for Vinegar Hill over the paid camping season. This took place after meeting with the local Police and their management team regarding the enforcement aspect of vaccine passes. Based on these discussions Council has decided not to require vaccine passes for campers attending Vinegar Hill throughout the paid season. There are several reasons for this decision:

  1. Council does not have the resources to enforce a vaccine pass mandate or the legal authority to remove anyone from site that does not comply.
  2. Police resources are prioritised for dealing with anti-social behaviour.
  3. As a public reserve we are not able to legally require day-trip/non paid users to be vaccinated; which would undermine enforcing that for paid campers.
  4. There are no formal events planned for the reserve unlike previous years.

Council recommends that campers are vaccinated due to the likely high-numbers of visitors to the reserve this year and we will be putting out comms via social media to that effect. We understand that this decision might not please everyone in the community and Council welcomes a discussion with anyone that wants to talk further. Contact can be made by calling council on (06)323 0000 and ask to speak with James Adamson from the Parks and Property Team.

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